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Tha Khaek

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  • Route 12 Caves and Swimming holes
    4 stars

    Route 12 leaves Tha Khaek heading east. The road for the entire length is paved, although side roads to sites are not. There are a surprising number of worthwhile sites along the route, making it worth the effort. You can hire a tuk tuk from anywhere in town or head out on your own by motorbike. ... read more

  • Wat Pha That Si Khotabong
    3 stars

    This 19th century wat which sits on the banks of the Mekong is the most revered in the Tha Khaek area and is home to a large festival during the full moon of the third lunar month. The distinctive thaat is regarded as one of the most important in Laos, but you wouldn't think so looking at the ... read more

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