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  • Protected Areas (National Parks)
    4 stars

    To sign up for a tour, show up at the eco guide centre (a branch of the official Savannakhet tourism organisation) just east of Talaat Yen plaza on Latsaphanit Road between 08:00 and 4:30 daily. The smaller the group, the more expensive the tour, so the trick is to sign up for a tour that already ... read more

  • Savannakhet old town
    4 stars

    Built in the 19th and early 20th centuries of brick and plaster by French and Chinese merchants, the two-storey houses have galvanised tin roofs to go with faded yellow exterior walls and cracked blue and green shutter-style doors. Many also have lovely but dilapidated balconies. While some of the ... read more

  • Dinosaur museum
    3.5 stars

    Basic English descriptions are provided, but if you can, let one of the curators tell you all about the partial tangvayosaurus skeletan and T-rex teeth. A range of fossils and rare stones can also be viewed in the museum. To the right of the admission desk, note the interesting satellite ... read more

  • Temples in Savannakhet
    3 stars

    The most notable is Wat Xaiyaphoum, which faces the river towards the northern end of Tha Hae Rd and was built in the mid 1500s, making it the oldest in Savannakhet. Given how Wat Xaiyaphoum's outer stone walls look like they're ready to keel over, we don't doubt its age. Just outside the wat is a ... read more

  • Saint Theresa Church and Talaat Yen Plaza
    3 stars

    It's not exactly awe-inspiring with its relatively modest steeple, white walls and simple interior, but it does have some stained glass windows and a garden courtyard with a statue of the Virgin Mary between the church and Talaat Yen plaza. If you're up for them, services are still held from ... read more

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