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  • Exploring Savannakhet
    3.5 stars

    Though perhaps best known for its nearby NBCAs (national parks), Savannakhet is also the perfect spot for a few days of unwinding. ... read more

  • Protected Areas (National Parks)
    4 stars

    Three Protected Areas (aka National Biodiversity Conservation Areas, or NBCAs) can be visited from Savannakhet, and we highly recommend them. To sign up for a tour, show up at the eco guide centre (a branch of the official Savannakhet tourism organisation) just east of Talaat Yen plaza on ... read more

  • Savannakhet old town
    4 stars

    Two-storey heritage houses are found throughout Savannakhet, but the most photogenic are in a fairly large block from Chao Kim Road to the north, Phetsarat to the east, Siengsa to the south and down to the river in the west -- more or less in the area sur Built in the 19th and early 20th centuries ... read more

  • Dinosaur museum
    3.5 stars

    This undervisited, hands-on museum is a fascinating insight into the very underexplored prehistory of Savannakhet. Basic English descriptions are provided, but if you can, let one of the curators tell you all about the partial tangvayosaurus skeletan and T-rex teeth. A range of fossils and rare ... read more

  • Temples in Savannakhet
    3 stars

    Savannakhet has a sprinkling of temples scattered across town, and though none are famous nor fascinating, they do make for a pleasant pre-breakfast stroll. The most notable is Wat Xaiyaphoum, which faces the river towards the northern end of Tha Hae Rd and was built in the mid 1500s, making it ... read more

  • Saint Theresa Church and Talaat Yen Plaza
    3 stars

    This Catholic church was built in the 1920s during the French occupation and continues to function today. It's not exactly awe-inspiring with its relatively modest steeple, white walls and simple interior, but it does have some stained glass windows and a garden courtyard with a statue of the ... read more

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