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  • Waterfalls near Sekong
    4.5 stars

    If you're heading down to Attapeu anyway (or even if you're not), there are some waterfalls to seek out on the way. The first is Tad Hia, but this one is hardly worth a detour. This small set of falls is nothing more than a fast flowing, rocky part of the river, but the trip out is fairly ... read more

  • Keng Luang rapids
    2.5 stars

    A half an hour motorbike ride to the north of town, these rapids span the Sekong River. If you were stuck in Sekong and had half a day to kill, they would be worth heading out to see. The trip out is as scenic as the rapids themselves. In the dry season, there really isn't enough water flowing ... read more

  • Trailblazers' Fact Sheet
    4 stars

    If you're willing to be persistent and patient -- and bust your budget on guides and transport -- there are some tantalising treks on offer that are barely established and seldom undertaken around Sekong. Over the years, we had expected to see these treks become more and more popular, but as of ... read more

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