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  • Caves around Vang Vieng
    4.5 stars

    The stunning limestone mountains that tower over Vang Vieng are riddled with caves of all kinds. Some are large with spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations, while others are so small you can barely squeeze inside. Lusi Cave is three kilometres from town and 1.8 kilometres past Pha Poak. ... read more

  • Kayaking and boat tours
    4 stars

    Kayaking tours are more popular these days than tubing due to the decline in backpacker numbers caused by the closing of the riverside bars. Tours differ depending on tour company, but a popular option is to include the kayaking tour with a tour of the Water Cave and Elephant Cave about 10 clicks ... read more

  • Pha Poak
    4 stars

    Pha Poak is a small limestone hill located to the west of town, visible from the western banks of the Nam Song thanks to a flag on top. Climbing Pha Poak is a popular activity for many who visit Vang Vieng and it's an easy walk to the base though more difficult climb to the summit. It's a ... read more

  • Things to do in Vang Vieng
    3.5 stars

    In our previous posts we wrote about the current situation in Vang Vieng and what it’s like to tube now that the riverside bars have been destroyed. ... read more

  • Tubing in Vang Vieng
    3.5 stars

    The party is over in Vang Vieng, six months after the Lao government’s crackdown on the illegal bars that once lined the picturesque Nam Song ... read more

  • Blue Lagoon
    4 stars

    The Blue Lagoon is located a seven-kilometre journey along a rough dirt road which starts from the southern edge of Vang Vieng next to the Kangaroo Bar. The bridge toll at the start of the journey is 4,000 kip per person, 6,000 kip per bicycle and 10,000 kip per motorbike. Along the road to the ... read more

  • Rock Climbing
    4 stars

    While most visitors are content to just gaze at Vang Vieng's beautiful karsts, others can't resist the temptation to scale them. The area around the town is a great place for an introduction to rock or for seasoned climbers. Both Green Discovery and Adam's Climbing School offer half- and full-day ... read more

  • Cycling
    3.5 stars

    Vang Vieng's surrounds are easy to explore on two wheels, motorised or not. With dozens of caves, swimming lagoons and villages, all easily accessible and well-signed from a decent dirt loop road, hiring your own wheels is an effective way to get around. Bicycle daily rentals start at 10,000 kip ... read more

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