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  • Tubing
    4 stars

    Tubing in Vang Vieng is still great for those seeking to have fun with friends, drink a few beers and experience some amazing scenery. ... read more

  • Blue Lagoon
    4 stars

    It’s crowded these days, but Blue Lagoon is a great spot to relax and cool off, especially as a reward after a hot sweaty bike ride on bone jarring dirt road. Tourism is a double-edged sword and this stunning natural idyll attracts dozens, perhaps even hundreds of visitors a day that all ... read more

  • The Water Cave
    4 stars

    Cave, floating on an inner tube, a river and great scenery: the Water Cave seems to combine aspects from all of Vang Vieng’s main attractions into one special experience. ... read more

  • Other caves around Vang Vieng
    4.5 stars

    The stunning limestone mountains that tower over Vang Vieng are riddled with caves of all kinds. Some are large with spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations, while others are so small you can barely squeeze inside. While the Water Cave may be the main attraction, there are plenty of other ... read more

  • Kayaking and boat tours
    4 stars

    Now that Vang Vieng is attracting a different sort of traveller (the kind that aren’t interested in tubing), kayaking has exploded in popularity and trips down the river, ranging from an hour to a full day, are offered by several tour companies in town. Whatever vessel you choose, a trip on the ... read more

  • Rock climbing
    4 stars

    Vang Vieng’s dramatic limestone karst make it an exciting place to learn outdoor rock climbing year round. Established in 2004, Adam's Climbing School offers half- and full-day courses that can be extended to two or three days for higher-level training, all done under the watchful eye of a ... read more

  • Pha Poak
    4 stars

    Pha Poak is a small limestone hill located to the west of town, visible from the western banks of the Nam Song thanks to a flag on top. Climbing Pha Poak is a popular activity for many who visit Vang Vieng and it's an easy walk to the base though more difficult climb to the summit. It's a ... read more

  • Kaeng Nyui Waterfall
    3.5 stars

    At the end of a long bike ride (or come by songthaews, lazypants) you’re greeted with three cascades, including Kaeng Nyui itself with a 34-metre drop, and a pleasant swimming hole. It’s a challenging bike ride (or come by songthaews, lazypants) to Kaeng Nyui Waterfall on a hot day, with lots ... read more

  • Cycling and motorbiking around Vang Vieng
    3.5 stars

    Vang Vieng town itself can be an eyesore but it only takes 10 minutes on a bicycle to get out and find yourself surrounded by rice paddies, karsts and people planting rice by hand. In Vang Vieng, the line between the have and have nots is clear, with many living a rural way of life in very basic ... read more

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