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  • Is Cherating worth going to?
    3.5 stars

    Cherating Beach, set to the north of Kuantan and about three hours south of Kuala Terengganu, has long been heralded in guidebooks and the travel press as some kind of fabled East coast Malaysia backpacker beach hangout. ... read more

  • Learn to surf
    4 stars

    One reason to visit Cherating during the monsoon is to surf; once the swell gets up, a left point break lies minutes from the beach and it's one of the best waves in the area. The main operator, Cherating Point, rents surfboards, both for beginners and for those more advanced, and can also provide ... read more

  • Mangrove boat trip
    4 stars

    You wouldn't know it, but right behind the guesthouses that line the off-beach side of the road, lays a very pretty mangrove-lined river. While the mangroves here are not nearly as impressive (nor as expansive) as those at Langkawi, the mangroves at Cherating are worth experiencing. Payung ... read more

  • Turtle sanctuary
    3.5 stars

    The turtle sanctuary is on the next bay north from Cherating on the same beautiful beach that hosts Club Med. It is easily reached by hired bicycle or you can do a tour. If you really wanted, you could walk here, but it would be a solid hour-plus walk each way. We'd suggest making a half-day trip ... read more

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