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  • Kota Kayang State Musuem
    3.5 stars

    Kota Kayang is a very organised and informative museum only a 15-minute drive out of Kangar town, set amid limestone karsts draped in lush jungle. It is well worth making a stop here on the way to Kuala Perlis. Inside you'll take part in a history lesson that began more than 5,000 years ago: ... read more

  • Taman Negara Perlis
    3 stars

    Perlis State Park doesn't share quite the same virgin forest as neighbouring Thale Ban National Park over the border in Thailand. The Malay side was once logged for timber, and though the forests are growing back it will take a long time before they return to their original state. Still, the ... read more

  • Ronn's Adventures
    4 stars

    Ron is the guy to contact in Perlis if you are planning to do some serious trekking or get more in depth guidance. Regarded by most locals as a senior guide from the state park, Ron is also directly involved in a lot of nature research that goes on in Perlis. Adventure tours offered range from easy ... read more

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