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  • Kuala Terengganu walking tour
    4 stars

    Starting at the bus station, walk up to Jalan Masjid Abidin and turn right, following it past the glowing white Masjid Zainal Abidin and continue along the way. Eventually you'll have the Istana Maziah on your left with Bukit Puteri behind it, and the river ahead, on the other side of Jalan Sultan ... read more

  • Bukit Puteri
    3 stars

    Home to the ruins of a 19th century fort, a handful of cannons and a lighthouse, the main attraction here is the view rather than the fort. You can see a small throne, a pit for cannonballs and the previously mentioned cannons, but better to just bring a bag of rambutans with you and plonk yourself ... read more

  • Terengganu National Museum
    4.5 stars

    Don't be put off by the odd display of cars out front; this is an excellent and well worth visiting attraction. Terengganu National Museum has a number of buildings and exhibits, the most obvious of which is the main exhibition hall -- an enormous concrete model of a traditional Malay house. Within ... read more

  • Batu Buruk Beach
    3 stars

    As with many city beaches, you won't see this strip of sand splashed across the cover of National Geographic, but, if you're looking for some sand and sea to while away a few hours, you could do far worse. While we visited in the morning, our taxi driver advised that the afternoon and evening is ... read more

  • The Crystal Mosque and the Islamic Civilisation Park
    2.5 stars

    The Islamic Civilisation Park is a theme park-type attraction that has scale models of a number of Islamic monuments from across Malaysia and around the world. Primarily designed as an outing for families with children, it is of passing interest only -- especially given the admission is a rather ... read more

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