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  • Kuala Terengganu walking tour
    4 stars

    While Kuala Terengganu lacks much in the way of top sights, it is a pleasant enough town to wander through and the Chinatown section in particular is both interesting and has plenty of good eating. Starting at the bus station, walk up to Jalan Masjid Abidin and turn right, following it past the ... read more

  • Bukit Puteri
    3 stars

    Bukit Puteri is a hillock that sits towards the northern end of Kuala Terengganu, offering excellent views over the city and surrounds. Home to the ruins of a 19th century fort, a handful of cannons and a lighthouse, the main attraction here is the view rather than the fort. You can see a small ... read more

  • Terengganu National Museum
    4.5 stars

    Set around five kilometres to the southwest of town, Terengganu National Museum is an excellent, sprawling museum that is well worth a visit. Don't be put off by the odd display of cars out front; this is an excellent and well worth visiting attraction. Terengganu National Museum has a number of ... read more

  • Batu Buruk Beach
    3 stars

    Kuala Terengganu's main "city beach", Batu Buruk lies to the southeast of town, a 10-minute cab ride from the bus station. As with many city beaches, you won't see this strip of sand splashed across the cover of National Geographic, but, if you're looking for some sand and sea to while away a few ... read more

  • The Crystal Mosque and the Islamic Civilisation Park
    2.5 stars

    If you continue on passed the National Museum, the road curves round to the right and eventually deposits you at the Taman Tamadun Islam (Islamic Civilisation Park) or TTI. The Islamic Civilisation Park is a theme park-type attraction that has scale models of a number of Islamic monuments from ... read more

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