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Mount Kinabalu National Park

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  • Mount Kinabalu
    5 stars

    This 4,095-metre-tall monster of granite takes the title tallest mountain in Malaysia and is just begging to be climbed. Most climbers take two days and follow the Timpohon Trail. The first day is spent hiking steep jungle trails to the resthouse at Laban Rata (3,272 metres above sea level). After ... read more

  • Kinabalu National Park
    4 stars

    Even if you're not climbing any mountains, this national park is still worth a visit. In 2000 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Park for its diverse flora and fauna, including insect-eating pitcher plants, wild orchids and more than 300 species of birds. Park rangers lead guided walks ... read more

  • Poring Hot Springs
    3.5 stars

    These open-air hot springs are the perfect place to soothe your weary legs after tackling Mount Kinabalu. The hot sulphuric water is said to have healing properties and you can soak in the communal pool or pay extra for a private tub (15 ringgit/hour). Poring has become somewhat of a tourist trap ... read more

  • Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens
    3.5 stars

    This solemn memorial commemorates Allied soldiers who lost their lives in Malaysian Borneo during World War II, specifically British and Australian POW who were forced on death marches through the mountainous jungle. It's worth taking some time to stroll through the four gardens, the Australian ... read more

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