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  • Borneo Jazz Festival
    3.5 stars

    Sarawak’s Miri is not a place we would say is ablaze with culture, yet two days a year it plays host to the Borneo Jazz Festival. A tiny festival held at the Park City Everly Hotel, this event sees jazz musicians from around the globe perform. It recently ... read more

  • Sarawak handicrafts
    4 stars

    Handicrafts make great souvenirs from Sarawak; not only are they a change from mass-produced knick-knacks but, when bought from a local community, you are supporting their economy and can ensure the producer gets their fair share of payment. ... read more

  • Malaysia’s old Borneo
    4 stars

    Although in the past 50 years Malaysian Borneo has undergone dramatic development, there are still pockets where you can experience “old Borneo” — that is, places where people still live in longhouses and go out into the forest to gather food. Here are a ... read more

  • Lin Hua San Temple
    3.5 stars

    Located on the outskirts of Miri, in a suburb called Krokop, is Southeast Asia's largest Taoist temple. It's so large in fact that it has two names, San Ching Tian Temple and Lin Hua San Temple. The first is actually a collective term for the three deities that are worshipped here, while the ... read more

  • The Grand Old Lady
    3 stars

    Sitting on Canada Hill, the Grand Old Lady resides on the highest point in Miri and is the oldest oil well in Malaysia. Having witnessed the rise of Miri from simple oil town to an affluent middle class oil town masquerading as a tourist destination, she has since retired and now acts as a tourist ... read more

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