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  • Bang Nam Phueng floating market
    3.5 stars

    Despite being a relatively new development, Bang Nam Phueng market has become hugely popular among Bangkokians, and for good reason. It's filled with small countless colourful vending stalls set along narrow walkways and footbridges decorated with orchids It's called a "floating market" by locals ... read more

  • Bicycle tours of Phra Phradaeng
    4 stars

    If you don't feel like navigating the maze of Phra Phradaeng's bicycle ways on your own, there's no shortage of tour companies offering bicycle tours. Amazing Bangkok Cyclist (ABC) and Bangkok Biking offer classic day cycling tours on raised concrete bike paths that wind alongside the canals. ... read more

  • Firefly Village (Muubaan Hing-hoy)
    3.5 stars

    Located towards the end of Petchahung Soi 20 on the southeast side of the peninsula, Firefly Village boasts a network of nature trails that meander along streams and through some 41 rai of forest on both sides of the road. Another excellent place for spotting birds and wildlife, we spotted a giant ... read more

  • Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery
    3.5 stars

    When we first heard of this place, we pictured a gang of drunken, rowdy men gathered around a small pool, shouting and cheering while wagering on which fish would prevail. In reality, Siamese fighting fish are a type of tropical fish found in the region, so called due to the tendency of the males ... read more

  • Wat Song Thum
    3.5 stars

    The largest and most important of Phra Phradaeng's many temples, Wat Song Thum is located at the corner of Petchahung and Song Thum Roads just west of Bhumibol Bridge. Built some 300 years ago, the spacious temple grounds include an ubosot with an ancient wooden Buddha image transplanted from ... read more

  • Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park
    3.5 stars

    Located just before Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery on the same road, this mostly forested park stretches over a large swath of land near the river. The park boasts well-groomed gardens, extensive nature trails and ponds teeming with fish. A lush and romantic setting, it's a great place to spend an ... read more

  • Phlaeng Faifa Fort
    2.5 stars

    Just south of Phra Phradaeng town, this riverside fort was constructed around the same time as Wat Song Thum in the early 1800s in an effort to sure up the protections of the new capital at Bangkok. All that remains today are a few crumbling stone structures and canons, but a pleasant park has been ... read more

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