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  • Phra Pathom Chedi
    3.5 stars

    London has Big Ben, New York is the Big Apple and China has the really big wall. But only Nakhon Pathom can lay claim to having the world's tallest Buddhist chedi (or stupa) rising grandly from its centre. Of Thailand's countless chedis, none can match Phra Pathom in either sheer mass or historical ... read more

  • Sanam Chandra Palace
    3 stars

    This is a collection of half-a-dozen or so former residences the Thai royal family had built as getaways from Bangkok. The Chaleemongkolasana Residence is the centrepiece and looks kind of like a medievil castle built by Bavarian midgets. King Rama VI had it built in 1908 and didn't get around to ... read more

  • Sanam Chandra Park
    2.5 stars

    Visitors to Nakhon Pathom might want to come here to relax or exercise during their stay. The park offers a nice retreat from the often noisy streets of the city. This is also a great place if you're travelling with kids and want to keep them amused for an afternoon. Near the enterance is a small ... read more

  • Thana Old Market
    3.5 stars

    Ringed by venerable wooden shophouses, Talad Thana lies at the heart of Nakhon Pathom province's enduring agricultural tradition. Unlike many Thai towns where historic old houses have been replaced by concrete blocks in the name of "progress", the village of Nakhon Chaisi has successfully ... read more

  • Jesada Technik Museum
    4 stars

    Founded by twealthy Thai businessman Jesada Dejsakulrit in 2007, this is by far the biggest and best classic car museum in Thailand. In rural Nakhon Pathom province just west of Bangkok, rice, fruit and orchid fields stretch for miles across the sun-soaked landscape. It's the last place you would ... read more

  • Wat Bang Phra (sak yant tattoo temple)
    4 stars

    Wat Bang Phra is the most famous place in Thailand to receive a genuine sak yant tattoo from a master-artist monk. Thailand's ancient tradition of sak yant tattoos has attracted much attention in recent years. Aside from looking pretty darn cool, these "magic tattoos" are believed to grant ... read more

  • Lam Phaya Floating Market
    4 stars

    Lam Phaya village's non-touristy floating market is a meeting point for the abundant food that comes from this area and the people who produce it. Nestled along the Tha Jeen river in far northeastern Nakhon Pathom province, Lam Phaya village's floating market is a meeting point for the abundant ... read more

  • Air Orchid Farm
    3.5 stars

    Air Orchid Farm is perhaps the best place in Thailand to experience the many types of orchids in all their splendid glory. Air Orchid Farm is perhaps the best place in the kingdom to experience the many types of orchids in all their splendid glory. Air's orchid fields stretch for as far as the eye ... read more

  • Sampran Riverside
    3.5 stars

    Covering a vast area along the Tha Jeen River, Sampran Riverside includes a botanical garden, organic farm, Thai cultural park, elephant grounds, market, spa, pagodas, traditional Thai houses, cafes, restaurants and a resort. Off the main road from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom lies Sampran Riverside, ... read more

  • Phra Phutthamonthon
    3.5 stars

    Here you'll find a statue that's one of the world's tallest standing Buddhas and perhaps the world's tallest copper statue. Called Buddha Monthon, it stands 15.88 metres and looks over a large reservoir. Monthon is set amid well-kept gardens sprawling an enoumous 400 hectares - a fittingly ... read more

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