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  • Chanthaburi old town
    4.5 stars

    Many of the buildings are more than a century old, and while they could use a good restoration, they possess a definite aged charm. Some buildings are built of teak and show Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai architectural influences, while others feature French-style shutters and second-floor balconies. ... read more

  • The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
    3.5 stars

    The cathedral looms over the river from the western bank just across from the old town. The first missionary chapel was built here in 1711, but the current structure was constructed mainly by Vietnamese in 1909. A large statue of the Virgin Mary stands in front of the church, and locals can ... read more

  • Wat Kate Na Boonyaram
    3.5 stars

    Chinese-style gateways open to the 200-year-old temple, which boasts a large image of Garuda (Thailand's national emblem) and the seal of King Rama V, who sanctioned a restoration of the temple in the early 1900s. Deep reds and golds decorate the the main hall, which houses a sparkly gold ... read more

  • Gem Market
    3.5 stars

    The gem shops here are busiest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, but jewellers from around the globe can be found sifting through the stones at any time. The days of Khmer Rouge officials selling Cambodian gems in Chanthaburi to fuel their war machine have long since passed, but it's still ... read more

  • King Taksin Shrine & City Pillar Shrine
    3 stars

    Ever since the shrine was built in 1920, a steady stream of locals have made daily offerings to the small statue of the king that sits inside the shrine surrounded by flowers, candles and statuettes of fighting cocks, considered symbols of strength. There's not a whole lot to see, but it's worth a ... read more

  • Wat Bot Muang
    3 stars

    Believed to be the oldest temple in Chan, this Ayutthaya-era wat features several charming old temple buildings and a small but striking viharn clustered around a grassy lawn. The viharn features Indian-style murals of the Buddha's life and a 1,000-year-old stone lintel of Khmer design that depicts ... read more

  • Chatuchak Market
    3 stars

    The roofed market was set up in the spirit of Bangkok's famous weekend market, and while it doesn't come anywhere near the real thing in size and scope, it does boast some similarly trendy fashion stalls and odd souvenirs. The belly of the market also hosts several local-style food vendors, and ... read more

  • King Taksin the Great Park
    2.5 stars

    Outside the moat are more grassy areas and a walkway that's perfect for a morning jog. The park's centrepiece is a striking statue of King Taksin holding up his sword from the back of a bucking horse that's surrounded by four very tough looking soldiers. Although not as popular as King Taksin ... read more

  • Beaches and coastline
    3.5 stars

    The most popular beach is Hat Chao Lao, located some 30 kilometres west of Chanthaburi, which boasts some wide and inviting stretches of sand to go with a relaxed beach town atmosphere that's very much accessible to foreign tourists. A great family destination, Chao Lao is a solid alternative to ... read more

  • Khun Krabaen Mangrove Trail
    3.5 stars

    The extensive trail system is in the form of well kept raised boardwalks and suspension foot bridges that culminate at a five storey high tower which takes you as high as the tallest trees. Small crabs can be seen digging in the mud around the distinctively spooky mangrove roots, and the walkways ... read more

  • Khun Krabaen Aquarium
    3.5 stars

    Hundreds of colourful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes can be seen in relatively large display tanks that line the aquarium's dark and wide halls. A small display of rare seashells is also worth a peek, but the highlight is a glass-roofed walkway where huge fish, sharks and eels swim all ... read more

  • Namtok Phlio National Park
    3 stars

    The waterfall is most impressive during rainy season when the falls are so powerful that mist fills the air as far away as an observation area 100 metres away and dampens visitors' clothes. Although it's possible to walk straight down to the shallow pool, views of the falls are partially blocked by ... read more

  • Wat Mong Gorn Phupharam
    3.5 stars

    More than 30 individual shrine rooms burst with colour and feature gorgeous statues of Amithaba Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, Guanyin and many other bodhisattvas. Do as the locals do and leave three incense sticks burning at each shrine while wishing for good health, wealth or long life, then shake out ... read more

  • Khao Kitchakut National Park
    3 stars

    The park covers an area of 59 square kilometres, but holds 53 species of birds -- probably because it lies adjacent to the Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. Accommodation is available, but no trail network has been developed beyond Krathing Falls, making extensive exploration difficult. The falls ... read more

  • Wat Khao Sukim
    2.5 stars

    The temple was made famous by the revered forest meditation monk, Ajahn Somchai, who lived during the 20th century. Although it would have been a quiet forest temple during most of his life, the monk became something of an icon in the Chanthaburi area and well-heeled locals showed their respect for ... read more

  • Khai Nern Wong
    2.5 stars

    While some say it was here that General Taksin made camp here while re-assembling his army before retaking Ayutthaya, what can be seen of the fort today was actually instituted in the early 1800s by King Rama III as part of a defense system against the threat of Vietnamese invasions. All that ... read more

  • Khao Ploi Waen
    2 stars

    At the base of the hill lies a small active temple. Follow the path on the right until you come to the steep and rather uneven stairs leading to the summit. Here there is a rundown Ceylonese chedi built during the reign of King Rama IV, which appears to be undergoing slow restoration. The walk ... read more

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