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  • Khon Kaen City Museum
    4 stars

    More impressive than the National Museum, the Khon Kaen City Museum is down near the Bueng Khaen Nakhon lake. Only finished in 2003, and with its mission to raise awareness and appreciation locally of the city’s cultural heritage, and to bring together different communities in and around Khon ... read more

  • Khon Kaen National Museum
    3 stars

    Worth a visit is the Khon Kaen National Museum which is the oldest and best known of Khon Kaen's museums, though we'd say, not the best in town. With its historical, archaeological and art exhibitions, and a particular focus on Khmer culture given Khon Kaen’s location close to the ancient trade ... read more

  • Bueng Kkaen Nakhon Lake
    4 stars

    This large, grassy-banked lake is lower key than you might expect, though things liven up a bit with the opening of the lakeside market in late afternoon, which also has several food stalls around into the evening. Still, a stroll around the calm waters makes for a nice escape from the traffic of ... read more

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