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  • Thailand's largest banyan tree grove, at Phimai's Sai Ngam
    3.5 stars

    Best known for its ancient Khmer ruins, the laidback northeastern Thai town of Phimai is also home to one of Thailand’s spookier sights: Sai Ngam banyan tree grove. Sai Ngam feels like the setting for a twisted horror film where the trees come alive and s ... read more

  • Prasat Hin Phimai National Historical Park
    4 stars

    The ruins of Prasat Hin Phimai are a welcome but incongruous sight in the town centre. The ancient, crumbling towers are surrounded by a peaceful sea of manicured grass before a simple hedge and low brick wall meet the main streets and busy shopping dist Constructed of laterite, white and pink ... read more

  • Phimai National Museum
    3.5 stars

    On the banks of the Mun River, the picturesque Phimai National Museum is home to numerous artefacts excavated from the nearby Prasat and other geological sites in the Northeast. Among the many Buddhist statues you'd expect, an extensive collection of ancient Khmer jewellery and ornamentation has ... read more

  • Sai Ngam
    3.5 stars

    The largest banyan tree grove in all of Thailand, Sai Ngam's mass of intertwined branches and trunks creates an atmosphere straight out of a Tim Burton movie. Banyans germinate their seeds in the crevices of the same tree from which the seeds came, and after a while, it becomes many individual ... read more

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