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  • Ta Muan
    4 stars

    Ta Muan is situated on the Cambodian border in Phnom Dong Rak district. To reach it under your own steam head to Prasart, then continue due south on Route 214 keeping an eye open for a turning on the right signposted Ban Kruat and Ta Muan. The historical site actually consists of three separate ... read more

  • Surin elephant festival
    4 stars

    The people of Surin province have been famous for centuries thanks to their adeptness at capturing and training elephants. Since 1960, they have celebrated their special relationship with elephants every year in November, when elephants and mahouts conver Although the festival officially lasts for ... read more

  • Prasart Sikhorapum
    4 stars

    Sikhoraphum is a medium size laterite and sandstone sanctuary that probably won't blow you away, but is worth a half-hour if you're a history buff. Two of the towers are relatively complete, with the others missing their upper parts, but the whole site has been restored by the Thai Fine Arts ... read more

  • Ban Ta Klang
    2.5 stars

    This tiny village in the northwestern corner of Surin province was historically home to a small ethnic group known as the Kui, who were employed by Ayutthaya kings thanks to their skills at capturing and taming wild elephants. Their legacy lives on in Baan Ta Klang, where today there are ... read more

  • Baan Tha Sawang silk weaving village
    3 stars

    It was unclear to us whether Baan Tha Sawang has been producing silk for centuries or is a more recent development aimed at bringing in tourists (we received mixed info in the village itself), but it's a pleasant place to spend an hour regardless. A handful of places put on traditional silk weaving ... read more

  • Surin National Museum
    3 stars

    The provincial museum contains well laid out exhibitions on the local ethnic groups, Suay, Khmer and Lao, on rice farming and on the Angkor period in Surin as well as a general outline of Surin history and culture. A handful of exhibits display cloths, art and tools from all of the above, and there ... read more

  • Khmer temples
    4 stars

    Note that neighbouring Buriram province's Phnom Rung and Muan Tam are not really much further from Surin than they are from Buriram itself -- 100 kilometres or thereabouts -- so a bit far by motorbike but easy if you have hired a car or booked a day tour. Phnom Rung is also served by local bus from ... read more

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