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  • Doi Angkhang
    3.5 stars

    Though once an isolated agricultural hub for the lucrative opium trade, Doi Ang Khang and the surrounding valleys are now an idyllic mountain escape, and a short, scenic (though sometimes treacherous) drive from the centre of Fang. The Royal Project Research Centres are now spread over much of ... read more

  • Nam Roo
    4 stars

    Nam Roo is a naturally occurring mountain spring that has been turned into a very pleasant park and campground, with several small pools and streams, and a visitors centre with interesting information on the surrounding area. Located about 10 kilometres out of town off route 107 bypass, Nam Roo is ... read more

  • Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park
    3.5 stars

    Northwest of town, off the 107 bypass, Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park is home to some stunning views, fascinating wildlife and Thailand's second highest peak. The drive to the headquarters is a pleasant, well signposted trip through the countryside, leading up to some very scenic peaks. Near ... read more

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