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Chiang Saen

Things to see and do

  • Wat Chedi Luang
    3.5 stars

    Wat Chedi Luang is a wonderful old atmospheric temple and chedi set amid a grove of mature trees; if you only see one temple in Chiang Saen make it this one. ... read more

  • Chiang Saen Lake
    4 stars

    Nong Beung Kai, or Chiang Saen Lake, is a natural lake and marsh area just outside town and one of the country’s prime bird-watching spots, particularly in the winter months from November to February. ... read more

  • Markets
    3.5 stars

    For a small town, Chiang Saen is remarkably well endowed with markets. In addition to the permanent one, a Sunday morning walking street market pops up; a Saturday evening one opens; then there's a Mekong riverside one, an unusual animal market and of cou ... read more

  • Walking tour of the old city
    4 stars

    Plenty of trees, little traffic and ancient ruins sprinkled just about everywhere mean historic Chiang Saen lends itself perfectly to a walking tour. ... read more

  • Boat trips
    3.5 stars

    Just as you can visit Chiang Saen on a boat trip from Sob Ruak, you can do the same in reverse though, with less tourist traffic in this direction, prices will be slightly higher. A trip up to Sob Ruak and back taking in a Lao market en route should set you back 700 baht, including waiting time, or ... read more

  • Chiang Saen National Museum
    4 stars

    The 1957-founded Chiang Saen National Museum was originally constructed to safely house the multitude of local archaeological finds. More recently, it has been developed into a purpose built, well lai- out, two-floor exhibition building. Since the area has been inhabited for some 15,000 years ... read more

  • Wat Phrathat Chom Kiti
    3 stars

    Prestigious Wat Phrathat Chom Kiti is situated on the slopes of a scenic forested hill just a couple of kilometres to the west of town. It’s the usual hilltop temple set up, so a flight of naga-lined steps head straight up the hill, or you can use the sealed road winding its way round and up to ... read more

  • Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao
    3 stars

    Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao, a temple as prestigious as Wat Phrathat Chom Kiti, lies just south of town close to the smaller ancient city known as Chiang Saen Noi. This was another 13th-14th century walled town and remains of brick stupas and temples also exist here too. As with Phrathat Chom Kiti, the ... read more

  • Cycling tours
    3.5 stars

    Grab a bike and make the most of Chiang Saen's dedicated cycling lanes, which run all the way to Sob Ruak. Despite having the least traffic of any town in Chiang Rai province -- you could have a game of badminton in the middle of most streets -- Chiang Saen town council have thoughtfully marked out ... read more

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