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  • Kamphaeng Phet Historic Park
    4 stars

    When compared to the historical park at Sukhothai, the first thing you'll notice is the much wider use of laterite, particularly in sculpting Buddha images. The erosion over the centuries has created a fascinating array of figures that slightly resemble the aliens in Close Encounters of the Third ... read more

  • Kamphaeng Phet National Museum
    3 stars

    You'll find Buddha statues, ancient bronzeware, fragmented bas-reliefs, ceramics and odds and ends, many of which were unearthed in the immediate surrounds.

    It's not as elaborate or well maintained as the museum up in Sukhothai, but if you miss that one, this will do as an alternative.

  • Ruan Thai Museum
    3 stars

    Made of golden teak wood, it's a classical gabled-roof Kamphaeng Phet style stilted house with a large open courtyard filled with potted plants and traditional ceramic basins. Three rooms surround the courtyard, each full of information boards on the area and doll-house-esque displays of ... read more

  • San Phra Isuan
    2.5 stars

    The statue is a replica -- the original is displayed in the nearby Kamphaeng Phet National Museum. During the reign of King Rama V, the hands and head of the original statue were stolen by a German tourist who took them to Bangkok in 1886 with the intention of carting them back to Germany. It took ... read more

  • Kamphaeng Phet Riverfront
    3 stars

    The city has taken full advantage of a 1.5 km stretch of riverfront by lining it with trees, steps and benches that offer an excellent vantage point for watching the sunset. On the opposite side of Sirijit Rd from the main riverfront area, Municipal Park and Sirichit Utthayan Park are outfitted ... read more

  • Khlong Lan National Park
    3 stars

    Situated a short stroll from park headquarters, the falls include several different streams of water that cascade over a 40 metre-wide cliff into a collection of pools suitable for swimming; it's possible to swim right up to the falls and let the water tumble down on top of you. With a back drop of ... read more

  • Mae Wong National Park
    3.5 stars

    A remote 894 square km of pristine forest that stretches all the way south into Nakhon Sawan province and west to Tak's Umpang district, Mae Wong is worth the effort if you want to get way out into the wilderness. While the park includes several waterfalls, the best require a two-night, three-day ... read more

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