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  • Wat Phra That Haripunchai
    3.5 stars

    Dating back to 1043, the main entrance (from the river) is flanked by large temple lions while the enclosure contains a number of points of interest. The central chedi is over 60 metres tall and is topped by a nine-tiered golden umbrella that weighs in excess of 6kg. The chedi was added to the ... read more

  • Wat Chama Thewi (Wat Kukut)
    3 stars

    This stunning but non-touristy temple is thought to have been built by a son of the town's first ruler, Chamma Thewi, in the early eighth century. It's said that one of the weathered yet striking Mon-style chedis adorned with standing Buddha images contains the ashes of the great queen herself, ... read more

  • Wat Mahawan
    1.5 stars

    The Phra Sila Dam is believed to have been brought to Lamphun by Queen Chama Thewi and it has been used as a base for a popular line of votive tablets.

    You can see the image seated under the umbrella, just to the left of the wooden building within the compound.

  • Ku Chang Ku Ma
    1 star

    The front one is Ku Chang which marks the burial site of Queen Chama Thewi's war elephant called Phu Kam Ngu Khiaw which means dark skinned elephant that is mighty at war. it is a very popular shrine with daily visitors leaving loads of garlands and other devotional items. The latter stupa marks ... read more

  • Wat Phra Yuen
    1 star

    The original complex dates back to the 11th century, although a number of restorations and expansions have taken place since then. This wat is located in a small grove around 1 km to the east of central Lamphun. Its not really worth the walk out unless you have a specific interest in wats or ... read more

  • Hariphunchai National Museum
    3.5 stars

    This good little museum has a permanent exhibit downstairs that displays a variety of stone inscriptions that have been unearthed in the surrounding area. Upstairs has a permanent exhibition of Haripunchai and Lanna art. Many (though not all) the items have bilingual labels. Its a reasonable and ... read more

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