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  • Public swimming pool and gym
    3.5 stars

    Just over the bridge heading out of town are a public swimming pool and gymnasium. Entrance is 50B for use of the pool and gym for a day, with multiple entries allowed. The huge green pool is quite well-looked after, in a pleasant setting with lounge chairs. Bamboo mats to lie on are also supplied. ... read more

  • Elephant rides
    3.5 stars

    At present five elephant camps are huddled down near the hot springs. Most are very small operations so don't expect the large, highly-organised camps you see outside Chiang Mai at Mae Sa and Mae Taeng. Some people prefer the less touristy aspect but then again some bemoan the lack of organisation ... read more

  • Tubing
    3 stars

    The Pai River is quite pretty, and one relaxing way to travel along it is on an inner tube. A few places around town can organise tube rental, often combined with transport. Generally, a tuk tuk will take you up river by a couple of kilometres, you get in the water and float downstream back into ... read more

  • Rafting
    4 stars

    Bamboo Rafting A relaxing way to see the river and local countryside, bamboo rafting takes you at a slow pace downriver on rafts made of bamboo poles lashed together. Between two and four passengers travel with a guide who propels the raft along with a long pole. Guides can be cheeky, splashing ... read more

  • Waterfalls
    3 stars

    Other than for Mae Yen, you're really going to need transport to get to the few waterfalls around, most quite pretty, none really spectacular -- any guesthouse will provide directions. Mae Paeng is a popular one -- follow the road past Santichong KMT village to the end of the tarmac then it's a ... read more

  • Villages surrounding Pai
    3 stars

    Most of the surrounding villages are quite modern now, including the hill tribe ones, but some have pleasant Shan-style wats worth a peek. Wat Nam Hoo in Nam Hoo village northwest out of town is a picturesque one with an unusual Buddha statue. If you follow the road through the village you'll ... read more

  • Hot springs
    2.5 stars

    Sulphurous hot springs emerge out of the ground a few kilometres southeast of Pai. They're nothing to write home about but you can go down to the Pai Hot Springs Spa Resort and pay a few baht to bathe in the waters. Maybe nice during cold season but watch out for your silver jewellery turning black! ... read more

  • Massage and massage courses
    3.5 stars

    Apart from the ubiquitous massage establishments around town, Mr. Jan's -- see accommodation -- offers massage courses as well. Sunshine Massage School from Chiang Mai now offers courses in Pai at the Spa Exotic Home Resort. Call (053) 249 594 and see http://www.sunshine-massage-school.com for ... read more

  • Other distractions
    3 stars

    Among other options are ATV-riding, rock-climbing, kayaking, horse-riding, mountain-biking and mini-golfing. Phu Pai to the north of town has ATV vehicles, as does Jeeper ATV to the south (near Pai Phaya Resort, just past Coffee in Love). Phu Pai also offers horse riding, across country in the wet ... read more

  • Trekking and hiking in Pai
    4 stars

    Walking straight out of Pai town gives you only fairly limited options as a lot of the surrounding area is unattractive open farmland and you have a fair distance to cover before getting into the forests and hills. Walking along the river bank is better, especially once you've got out of town and ... read more

  • Thai cooking lessons
    3.5 stars

    Taking a leaf out of Chiang Mai's book, several spots in Pai now offer Thai cooking classes -- one-day, two-day or more if you're keen. They all run fairly similar courses at similar prices -- what makes or breaks it is generally going to be the teacher and the set up of the school, so pop along, ... read more

  • Pai to Mae Hong Son by motorbike
    4.5 stars

    We reckon it’s easier, more practical and above all safer to just take the bus up to the Mae Hong Son township, hire a bike there then head out on the much more do-able and picturesque Mae Hong Son to Pai road. ... read more

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