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  • Tham Lod
    4.5 stars

    Tham Lod is considered one of Thailand's most impressive caves, partly for its size, partly for its attractive limestone stalactite formations and partly for the unusual coffin cave hidden within the main cave. In its entirety, Tham Lod is more than 1.5 km in length, which is still considerably ... read more

  • Caving
    4 stars

    Pang Mapah district has more than 200 caves, five of which are over four kilometres long with world class formations. It's a terrific area for exploring if you're a caving enthusiast. Tham Lod is one of the highlights, but there are plenty of other treats. Tham Pi Man, or Spirit Caves, contain ... read more

  • Kayaking
    4 stars

    Kayaking is a great way to see Tham Lod and the pretty Lang River, while having fun paddling and navigating mini rapids. Strongly promoted by Cave Lodge, this trip is one of the most popular activities they offer. It lasts about two to three hours, depending on the level of the water and the size ... read more

  • Other activities
    4 stars

    Activities in Pang Mapha consist of trekking, caving and kayaking or sitting by (or in) the Lang River, chilling out. There are as yet no elephants, no ATVs and no bungee jumping, so make the most of it while it lasts. This is one of the most spectacular areas of north Thailand, scenery-wise, and ... read more

  • Tours and Trekking
    4 stars

    In addition to the wide range of activities offered by Cave Lodge at nearby Tham Lod, it is possible to organise day tours and treks directly in Soppong as well. Little Eden's main day tour includes a visit to Tham Lod and some local hill tribe villages, as well as bamboo rafting, elephant ... read more

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