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  • The Nan loop by motorbike
    4 stars

    Offering spectacular views, national parks and impressive riding, the Nan loop less challenging than its Mae Hong Son cousin, though considerably more remote. While the Mae Hong Son loop is a very popular Northern Thailand trip that can easily be done by motorbike or public transport, a far less ... read more

  • Wat Phumin
    3.5 stars

    Founded in 1696, this is regarded as one of the most important wats in Nan province and, of all the wats in Nan town, we'd say this is the one must-see. There are three notable features here. The temple's murals (in the midst of a renovation during our last visit) are considered to be the finest ... read more

  • Nan National Museum
    4 stars

    This excellent two-storey museum has a fascinating collection of various artifacts that have been dug up, donated or purchased from all over Nan province. The star attraction is a black elephant tusk, which measures 94 cm in length and weighs 18 kg. There is also the mandatory Buddha ... read more

  • Wat Phra That Chae Haeng
    3.5 stars

    More than 600 years old, this is the most revered wat in Nan and features a 55m-tall Lao-style stupa that has been covered in gold sheet. Set atop a hill overlooking Nan in the distance, the approach is via a broad walkway flanked by naga balustrades emptying out to the main enclosure, with a ... read more

  • Wat Hua Khuang
    3.5 stars

    This pretty, centrally located temple contains two information placards within its well manicured grounds. The first reads "No evidence of construction date known" while the second says "Assume built around 1525 AD". One goes on to note that there were renovations in 1882 and 1927, while the other ... read more

  • Wat Phra That Chang Kham
    3.5 stars

    Set almost straight across from the Nan National Museum, this is the second most important wat in Nan. Visible from the street, the large stupa supported by 24 stone elephants is the source of the temple's name -- "elephant supported stupa" -- and just before it sits the main affair, housing a ... read more

  • Wat Phra That Kao Noi
    4 stars

    A few kilometres west of town, this temple with a view is one of the most common destinations for those looking for a lovely Nan photo-op. Overlooking the downtown area and it’s surrounds, this towering Buddha statue and accompanying view has become rather iconic, and you will see the image in ... read more

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