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Si Satchanalai

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  • Si Satchanalai Historical Park
    4 stars

    The park's quieter, more remote atmosphere adds a particular tranquility that's similar to the western zone of Sukhothai historical park. Si Satchanalai historical park is no more than one third of the size of Sukhothai, but it's completely surrounded by forests with the swift Yom River cutting ... read more

  • Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Chaliang
    4 stars

    With its majestic Khmer-built spire, massive stone Buddha image, smaller Buddha sculptures sheltered by the hoods of nagas, and a striking Khmer stucco carving of Avolokitesvara's face that's similar to those found at the Bayon in Cambodia's Angkor, Wat Si is probably Si Satchanalai's most ... read more

  • Wat Choem Chuen archaelogical site
    3 stars

    It is there you can walk on a footbridge over excavated human skeletons from between the third and 11th centuries AD, which rest some seven to eight metres below ground level. Wat Choem Chuen itself was a small temple constructed later during the Sukhothai period, and today it features little ... read more

  • Thuriang Kilns
    3.5 stars

    While some are little more than a few stones in a field, an excavation site at Ban Ko Noi allows visitors to peer down on ancient kiln sites where centuries' old pottery, some of it still fully intact, can be seen just as it was left by ancient hands. Admission is 30 baht, and it's a lovely ... read more

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