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  • Day trip to Ko Hong
    3.5 stars

    Of the many small islands off the coast of Krabi province that can be reached only as day trips, the trip to Ko Hong is the one we’d prioritise. ... read more

  • Day trip to Ko Poda, Ko Gai and Talay Waek
    4 stars

    Ko Poda and Ko Gai are the largest of several islands that can be spotted off Ao Nang and Railay. Most visit as part of the popular “Four Islands tour”, with Ko Tub and Ko Mo being the other two. We recommend a private boat trip instead. ... read more

  • Beaches in the Ao Nang area
    3.5 stars

    Whether you’re after a lively scene or pure peace and quiet, lavish villa or bare-bones bungalow, at least one of Krabi’s coastal beaches should do the trick. Each has a different vibe, and some are prettier than others, so do your research before you fol ... read more

  • Boat and kayak tours
    3.5 stars

    Ao Nang's beach is nothing to write home about, so it's no surprise that many visitors take boat trips to some of the area's more pristine places. Touted by every travel office in town, more than a dozen different companies offer tours to many of the surrounding islands and coastal kayaking ... read more

  • Suu San Hoi (Fossil Shell Beach)
    3 stars

    Known in English as Fossil Shell Beach, Suu San Hoi was a fresh-water swamp that teemed with mollusks back when the dinosaurs roamed. Today it’s a large collection of seaside fossils where local school kids get dragged on field trips. If that sounds like fun, you can drag yourself out here ... read more

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