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  • Mu Ko Lanta National Park
    4.5 stars

    All the way down at Ko Lanta’s far southern tip, Mu Ko Lanta National Park is home to some very laid-back monkeys, a splendid beach and some of the most breathtaking views you’ll find anywhere in Thailand. In its entirety, the marine park spans over 130 square km of Andaman Sea and includes ... read more

  • Watersports, snorkelling, boat and kayak trips
    4 stars

    Snorkelling and kayaking trips to the small islands surrounding Lanta are extremely popular. Around a dozen different tour operators lead trips that will appeal to different people. One large chunk of these head south, usually for snorkelling at Ko Chuek and Ko Ma before stopping at Ko Muk's ... read more

  • Diving
    4 stars

    Manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and clown fish can all be seen at dive sites that are within easy reach of Lanta. With several scuba operations based on the island, you'll find everything from half-day beginner dives to PADI certification and multi-day live-aboard adventures. The twin sites ... read more

  • Thung Yee Pheng Mangrove Forest
    4 stars

    Lanta’s northeast coast is blanketed by the bright-green leaves and haunting roots of mangroves that line a maze of tranquil streams, rivers and inlets. Whether you stop for a quick stroll, spend a few hours kayaking or settle into a floating homestay, the officially protected Thung Yee Pheng ... read more

  • Khlong Jak Waterfall
    3.5 stars

    This roughly seven-metre-high waterfall cascades down a rocky cliff surrounded by lush jungle, though the pool at its base is more suited to wading than swimming. While it's a refreshing spot from June to around December, the falls dry up to a trickle during the dry season and often disappoint ... read more

  • Caves on Ko Lanta
    3.5 stars

    Both of Lanta's notable caves can generally only be explored as part of a guided tour. If you just want a taste, the "bat cave" on the way to Khlong Jak Waterfall will be enough for many. Tham Mai Kaew Cave is located well off the main cross-island road to the west of Khlong Nin and clearly ... read more

  • Tradition & Culture of Sangka-U Museum
    3.5 stars

    Sitting largely neglected atop a hill overlooking the sea, the Tradition & Culture of Sangka-U Museum offers a glimpse into Urak Lawoi ways of life from the perspective of the people themselves. What sets this museum apart from others is how it was created entirely by the local Urak Lawoi people of ... read more

  • Lanta Animal Welfare
    4.5 stars

    At its modern facilities on the inland road from Haad Phra Ae, Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) helps sick, injured and abused stray animals by providing sterilizations, rabies vaccinations, surgeries, education and general care. If you want to do give something back to the community, this is a great way ... read more

  • Yoga and meditation on Ko Lanta
    4 stars

    With practically every resort offering yoga at a range of levels, Ko Lanta is arguably Thailand's top yoga destination. Everything from casual morning yoga on the beach up to demanding courses held at purpose-built studios are available. Rates can range from 250 to 500 baht for a single class, with ... read more

  • Cooking courses
    4 stars

    Most Thai islands have no more than one cooking school, but it's long been a popular pastime on Lanta and you'll now find three different options. We haven't tried them out so can't offer an opinion on which is best; they all have individual cooking stations and have received good feedback online. ... read more

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