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  • Beyond the buckets: Phi Phi's top things to do
    4 stars

    Ko Phi Phi has a well-deserved reputation as a raucous gap-year party island, but those looking for some action beyond late-night bucket-drinking sessions will find plenty to do here. ... read more

  • Ko Phi Phi beach getaways
    4.5 stars

    So you’re on Ko Phi Phi and have negotiated the back alleys and rabbit warren of Ton Sai Bay to find the cheapest habitable digs you can find. Yes, 1,000 baht doesn’t go far on this glistening little island. The bags are thrown in the corner and it’s time ... read more

  • Ko Phi Phi on a budget
    4 stars

    A lot of people show up on Phi Phi Island ready to spend like drunken sailors, and the prices have been rigged accordingly. One way for budget travellers to save money is to simply not go there! But it’s still worth seeing, so we’ve come up with some ways ... read more

  • Boat trip to Phi Phi Leh
    4.5 stars

    You've read the book and seen the movie, so now it's time to see The Beach that Leonardo frolicked on. Phi Phi Leh is the southern of the two main islands and has an even more spectacular sheer cliff scenery. It's a rugged, jagged rock a 30-minute boat ride to the south of Ko Phi Phi Don. It also ... read more

  • Trekking
    4 stars

    Well it isn't really trekking, for those who need a day out of the water and on their feet, there are some solid walks to do on Ko Phi Phi. The most popular walk is up to the viewpoint. There's actually three viewpoints (imaginatively named viewpoint 1, viewpoint 2 and viewpoint 3), with each ... read more

  • Boat trips on Ko Phi Phi
    4 stars

    There's no shortage of boatmen on Ko Phi Phi and they'll all happily offer you a range of boat trips around the island. Several join-in snorkelling half-day or full day trips are available, too. The highlights are Monkey Beach (the real one, not the sliver of sand south of Ton Sai) and Lo Moo ... read more

  • Diving on Ko Phi Phi
    4 stars

    With a range of sites available, scuba-diving around Phi Phi is popular for novices and more experienced divers alike. While all of the dive shops are based on Ko Phi Phi Don, the bulk of the actual diving is done in the waters surrounding Ko Phi Phi Leh to the south. There are outlying sites ... read more

  • Kayaking
    4 stars

    One- and two-person kayaks can be hired from a few spots along Lo Dalam that makes for a good base to explore the surrounds. The most popular beach to paddle to is the lovely Monkey Beach which lies about a 45-minute splash away to the northwest of Lo Dalam. You can't actually see the beach ... read more

  • Rock Climbing on Ko Phi Phi
    4 stars

    For those seeking to really get away from the water, Phi Phi has considerable opportunity for rock climbing. Courses range from half-day introductions to three-day advanced ones. Experienced climbers with their own equipment can just stop in and ask where the best routes are. One note of ... read more

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