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  • Wat Kaewkorawaram
    2.5 stars

    The new white wiharn of Wat Kaew floats over the centre of Maharaj Rd like something out of a fantasy novel. This shiny structure with a blue roof is reached by a relatively long staircase with colourful naga guardian serpants which are quite well done. We found a gang of rag-tag kid monks running ... read more

  • Thara Park
    2.5 stars

    If you head south from Chao Fah pier on to Khong Kha Road, you'll first pass Chao Fa Park and its riverside promenade. Continue past the marina and you'll come to Thara Park, which for a small city is quite a large and impressive public green space. It features benches and gazebos overlooking the ... read more

  • Fossil Shell Beach (Ban Laempho Gastropod Fossil Park)
    3 stars

    This is where local school kids get dragged on field trips, but you can drag yourself out here too. Slabs of stone that contain 40 million year old fossils, mostly molluscs, emerge from the coastal waters every day at low tide; shoot for late afternoon to see the widest collection. Visitors take ... read more

  • Ko Klang
    3.5 stars

    If you're not keen on the boat tours, a cheaper option is to take one of the 20 baht longtail ferries that depart from either Chao Fah or Thara pier for Ko Klang, the 26 square km island located across the Krabi River from town. The island is home to a small Muslim fishing village and is a fine ... read more

  • Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple)
    4 stars

    The temple was named after a small cave where a wild tiger often slept before people overtook the area. Nestled below a shaggy karst cliff to the north of Krabi town, this forest Buddhist temple was founded in 1975 by the now famous Thai meditation monk, Ajahn Jomnien. In those days, the area ... read more

  • Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
    3.5 stars

    This 50 square-kilometre national park is named after Khao Phanom Bencha mountain, a rugged 1,350 metre peak that's the source of many of the area's rivers and tributaries. The main attraction is Nam Tok Huay To, a spectacular 11-tier waterfall with numerous pools suitable for swimming. On the ... read more

  • Than Bok Kharani National Park
    3.5 stars

    Located 45 km north of Krabi town in the Ao Luek area, this pristine national park covers areas of rainforest, mountains, mangroves, swamps, beaches, sea and islands. Many who visit Than Bok Kharani independently come for the eponymous waterfall located near the visitor centre. The cool emerald ... read more

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