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  • Railay's beaches
    4 stars

    The Railay Peninsula’s four beaches are not made equal. In fact, one of them can hardly be called a beach at all. Another is more known for rock climbing and cheap bungalows than sun baking and swimming. The remaining two, while gorgeous, host only mid- t ... read more

  • Phra Nang cave shrine
    3.5 stars

    Riveting legends and wooden penises are what make the Phra Nang cave shrine famous. Located in a corner of the same-named beach, locals flock here to ask the resident goddess-spirit for help, especially when it comes to catching fish and having kids, whil Located at the southern end of Phra Nang ... read more

  • Railay viewpoint and lagoon
    3.5 stars

    If it weren’t for that, you could easily miss the steep trail head leading up to a breathtaking viewpoint and hidden lagoon amid the cliffs that rise towards the tip of the Railay peninsula. On our last visit, torrential rains kept us from climbing the steep trail that begins halfway along the ... read more

  • Rock climbing
    4.5 stars

    With hundreds of bolted routes leading up vertical limestone cliffs to caves and pinnacles with soaring ocean views, Railay is a dream destination for climbers. Overseen by a large group of both Thai and foreign climbing experts, safety is taken seriously, and the overall rock quality is ... read more

  • Phra Nang Nai Cave
    3 stars

    While the cave shrine at Phra Nang beach is the best known, Railay has dozens of caves of varying sizes. The most notable is Tham Phra Nang Nai, also known as Diamond Cave, located a short walk inland from Railay East. A raised walkway and dim lamps guide visitors through a long passage that ... read more

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