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Railay Beach

Things to see and do

  • Trekking to the viewpoint and lagoon
    3.5 stars

    On our last visit, torrential rains kept us from climbing the steep trail that begins halfway along the walkway from Railay East to Phra Nang beach and leads to a viewpoint and lagoon, but it sure sounds like a good way to spend a few hours. While it will be a piece of cake for rock climbers, ... read more

  • Phra Nang Cave
    3.5 stars

    Located at the southern end of Phra Nang beach, this cave shrine is famous not for its caverns or stalacmites, but its legends. One story tells of how after an Indian princess drowned in a nearby shipwreck, her spirit sought refuge in the cave, where it remains to this day. Another claims that ... read more

  • Phra Nang Nai Cave
    3 stars

    While the cave shrine at Phra Nang beach is certainly the most popular, Railay has dozens of caves of varying sizes. The most notable is Phra Nang Nai, also known as Diamond Cave, located a short walk inland from Railay East. A raised walkway and dim lamps guide visitors through a long passage ... read more

  • Rock climbing
    4.5 stars

    With hundreds of bolted routes that lead up massive sheer rock faces to pinnacles with soaring ocean views, Railay is a dream destination for climbers. Although some corrosion has taken place, the overall rock quality is outstanding. At time of writing, a team of foreigners and Thais were ... read more

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