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  • Wat Khuhasawan
    2.5 stars

    This pretty Ayutthaya-period wat is set at the foot of the forested limestone hill with a couple of caves behind it. The main cave contains a bunch of Buddha images in various poses. A rock at the entrance to the cave has some royal writing on it, carved by a wandering Rama. There's a smaller ... read more

  • Khao Ok Thalu
    4 stars

    Just to the east of the train station you cannot miss this limestone crag which towers over Phattalung. Khao Ok Thalu rises 250m above Phattalung. A moderately steep trail with steps leads up to the hole in the mountain. The path is a bit tricky in parts, but the great view makes it worthwhile. ... read more

  • Tham Malai
    3 stars

    Tham Malai is not the most spectacular tourist attraction in Thailand, but it is a nice walk to reach the cave. There are some Chinese shrines and great views around the cave. The cave contains some stunning white stalactites and stalagmites in addition to a small pool. Bring a torch or a ... read more

  • Haad Lam Pan
    3.5 stars

    Lam Pan Beach on Songkhla Lake is 7km east of town and is a very pleasant spot for a stroll where you can enjoy a snack or a meal at one of the stands selling tasty local specialities. There are a string of seafood restaurants to the left that serve reasonably priced food and cold beers. This is a ... read more

  • Ban Saensuk Lampam
    3 stars

    Just before the Lam Pan Beach is Saensuk Lampam village with a couple of interesting sites. Wat Wang is a beautiful old wat housing a 100 year old bot surrounded by Buddha filled cloisters. The bot also contains some attractive murals that illustrate the life and teachings of Buddha. You will ... read more

  • Ban Chai Son
    3 stars

    This friendly little town around 30km to the south of Phattalung has some hot springs, a cave temple and an interesting wat. It is set in paddy fields dotted with limestone outcrops. The village itself has a small but lively market, a few shops and cafes and plenty of buses to Phattalung. The 60C ... read more

  • Khao Pu Khao Ya National Park
    3 stars

    At 700 sq km this is not one of Thailand's smallest national parks, but it is certainly one of the least visited and least funded. Although the park is mostly situated in Phattalung province, it also stretches into Trang and Nakhon Si Thammarat provinces. The lack of visitors is a shame because ... read more

  • Thale Noi Waterbird Sanctuary
    4 stars

    This waterbird sanctuary 32 kilometres north of Phattalung is one of Thailand's top bird spots and is the largest bird park in Thailand. Nearly 200 species live in this marshy swampy area on the northern reaches of Songkhla Lake. Located on Songkhla Lake, the sanctuary area is off limits to both ... read more

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