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Bang Saphan Yai

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  • Ko Talu National Marine Park
    4 stars

    A "private island", Ko Talu sits just off the coast of Bang Saphan and is home to a single upmarket resort. Most visit on a daytrip. While we're not sure exactly how this came to be a private island, Ko Talu today is known for its efforts at reef reclamation after destructive fishing practices ... read more

  • Wat Tham Manrong
    3.5 stars

    While the hinterland around Bang Saphan is littered with cave-riddled limestone outcrops, one of the most accessible and pleasing is Wat Tham Manrong. The cave temple is well signposted and conveniently not all that far off the main road between Bang Saphan Yai and the main beach area. It contains ... read more

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