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  • General activities on Ko Phayam
    3.5 stars

    The majority of the resorts are located on relatively clean and calm beaches but in high season the eastern beaches of the island (the village side) tend to suffer from washed up trash and choppier seas. Sand flies can be a problem as can minute stinging jellyfish larvae in the water; just how ... read more

  • Ao Yai
    3.5 stars

    Ko Phayam's most popular strip of sand is three kilometre-long Ao Yai. Two sealed roads lead here. The first signed turn off to Ao Yai that you see just after leaving the village is the "old road". This road is less frequently used and is often in poor repair but it's handy for getting to resorts ... read more

  • Ao Kwai
    3.5 stars

    Ao Kwai is the other main beach on Phayam and is a quieter option than Ao Yai. It is roughly the same size as Ao Yai in total length but is split into two very distinct beaches by a third, rocky middle section. The northern part of Ao Kwai is a mixture of sand and rocks and the water here is ... read more

  • Ao Kwang Peeb AKA Monkey Beach
    4 stars

    If you continue north along the dirt track behind Ao Kwai you'll get to what is arguably the prettiest beach on Ko Phayam. This gorgeous small curving bay backed by jungle with a reef just offshore used to be accessible only by boat or on foot on a narrow track through the jungle but there's now a ... read more

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