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  • Ngao Waterfall National Park
    4 stars

    Ngao National Park is just 12 km south of Ranong on Phet Kasem Rd, and while it's known mainly for Ngao Waterfall itself there is much more to see here. The falls cascade down a cliff from a height of over 100 m. During the rainy season the waters fall with a dramatic roar and it's one of ... read more

  • Porn Rang Hot Springs at Ngao National Park
    4 stars

    About three km up the road (towards Ranong) from Ngao National Park are the Porn Rang hot springs, which are actually an extension of the national park itself. Far larger and more elaborate than Rahsawarin hot springs in Ranong town, the springs of Porn Rang are spread over a relatively vast area ... read more

  • Rahsawarin Hot Springs
    3.5 stars

    A few hundred m off Phet Kasem Rd, the Rahsawarin springs are Ranong's star attraction. It's free to bathe in the warm water river, which is said to have therapeutic value and has plenty of rocks for lounging on. There is a small but scenic park surrounding the hot springs, and an ominous looking ... read more

  • Laem Son National Park
    4 stars

    This terrestrial and Marine National Park includes 15 islands and stretches across 60 km of coastline in both Ranong and Phang Nga Provinces. The park was given Royal decree in 1983 and is Thailand's 12th National Marine Park. Its coast is primarily dense mangroves thus many of its beaches are ... read more

  • Historical sites in Ranong
    3 stars

    History buffs have a few options for passing the time in Ranong. Take a stroll up the hill on Luvung Rd off Ruangrat Rd to find a replica of the Rattanarangsan Palace, which was built by Rama IV, one of Thailand's most revered kings. Set on a hill to the north-west of the city is a tomb of ... read more

  • Ranong Canyon
    3.5 stars

    Located down a scenic, winding road about 10 km past the hot springs, the Ranong Canyon is actually a tranquil lake surrounded by striking limestone cliffs that rise at 90 degree angles out of the still, reflective waters. The lake was once an old mine and has filled with rain and ground water ... read more

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