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  • Thale Ban National Park
    3.5 stars

    A couple of waterfalls are worth checking out on the way here, and you might spot some wildlife, but the namesake "lake" might disappoint when the lotuses aren't in bloom. ... read more

  • Satun National Museum
    3.5 stars

    Set in the gorgeous Colonial-era Kuden Mansion, Satun's own museum is surprisingly extensive. The stately building once housed dignified guests like King Rama V and served as headquarters for Japanese officers during the Second World War. Beautifully restored in more recent times, it's now devoted ... read more

  • Khao To Phaya Wang Park
    3 stars

    As if plopped here like a kid throws down a toy, a massive block of limestone with steep cliffs on all sides is the focal point of this public park just northwest of town. Popular with local couples and teenagers, it's a relaxing spot for a walk and a picnic. The entrance road takes you past a ... read more

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