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  • Hiking to viewpoints
    3.5 stars

    The island has some great lookouts worth getting out of your hammock for; here's your guide to getting to some of the best of them. The hardest thing about walking to viewpoints on Ko Tao is not always the uphill trek but finding the path. The island has some great lookouts worth getting out of ... read more

  • Diving
    4.5 stars

    Diving and snorkelling are Ko Tao's tourism mainstay and this is one of the most popular places in the world to learn to become a certified diver. The most popular sites, including Chumphon Pinnacle, Sail Rock and Southwest Pinnacle, are some kilometres from the island, where fish gather in larger ... read more

  • Hiking
    4 stars

    Ko Tao is baby-sized compared to neighbouring Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui, but its hilly landscape offers some excellent opportunities for exploring on foot. Don't underestimate the distances involved, however: your guidebook might say it's possible to walk around the island in one day, but you will ... read more

  • Sea kayaking
    4 stars

    For something different, take a tour of Ko Tao's coast by sea kayak. A surprisingly easy way to get around, particularly if you take a tandem kayak, kayaking is a great way to appreciate the rock formations that cascade into the sea around the non-beachy parts of the island. Kayaks can be rented ... read more

  • Boat trips
    4 stars

    Boat trips can be organised from virtually any beach on Ko Tao, through any travel agency or most hotel receptions. Trips tend to leave around 10:00 and return by 16:00. Costs vary, with a longtail typically charging around 550B per person, and a big boat around 650B. The advantage of the latter is ... read more

  • Flying Trapeze Adventures
    3.5 stars

    If you fancy something completely different how about learning to fly? Basic lessons last an hour, cost 980 baht, and include instruction on a practice bar as well as three flights on the full rig. Flyers use a safety harness and a catch net ensures a soft landing once you've finished your ... read more

  • Ko Tao Leisure Park
    3.5 stars

    Enjoy an 18-hole round of mini golf, non-mechanised bowling and tuck into some good Mexican food as well. Ko Tao Leisure Park is great for families with kids in tow but also has something to offer those bored of the beach, or just looking for something different to do. It's also great for those ... read more

  • Bouldering
    3 stars

    Bouldering involves clambering over Ko Tao's rocks with a crash pad strapped to your back. Never heard of bouldering? If you took a guess... you'd probably be right. It's all about climbing boulders without lines or ropes. And Ko Tao is becoming increasingly popular with the bouldering community ... read more

  • Cabaret
    3 stars

    Walk though Sairee Village after the sun goes down and you are sure to see the lovely ladies from the show handing out flyers and encouraging you to come and visit. The show is a recent addition to Ko Tao night life and good for a giggle. The whole affair is very tongue in cheek. Admission is free ... read more

  • Thai boxing training camp and gym
    2.5 stars

    Fights take place regularly, announced by posters and noisy vans blaring times and dates. The early fights are local kids, progressing over the evening to the big fights. Usually at least one Westerner, often a dive instructor, will participate in these nights, bringing out the local farang ... read more

  • Ko Tao Bowling and MiniGolf
    2 stars

    Ko Tao Bowling and MiniGolf has a 18-hole golf course a 10-pin bowling alley, pool table, and a bar and attached Greek restaurant. The basic bowling lanes are in a dark enclosure behind the bar (240 baht/lane/hour) and are used primarily by expats and other long-term visitors. The lanes are far ... read more

  • Famous stones
    1 star

    A large stone bearing the initials of King Rama V, who visited the island in 1899, is located at the south end of Haad Sairee. A small plaque decorates the memorial at the highly-revered site -- don't even think of adding your own initials. The stone isn't worth a special trip, but do check it out ... read more

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