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  • Kopi tasting in Trang
    3.5 stars

    Over a recent visit I sifted through the endless options to find two traditional Trang kopi shops that stand out from the rest. ... read more

  • Trang's botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway
    3.5 stars

    We were expecting plants and trees, but a series of raised walkways winding through jungle canopy some 18 metres above ground proved to be an unexpected adventure. ... read more

  • Waterfalls
    3.5 stars

    Trang is home to more than 10 waterfalls to the east of town, and most can easily be reached on a day hike. At least one -- Ton Te -- is worth the trip, but it takes effort. ... read more

  • Mainland beaches
    2.5 stars

    If for some reason you're in Trang town and won't be making it to the islands, the mainland beaches can work as a substitute. With mostly tan-yellow sand and cloudy water, they lack the glamour of the offshore beaches, but the scenic coastal road and lack of tourists makes for a worthwhile ... read more

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