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  • Mainland beaches
    2.5 stars

    If for some reason you're in Trang town and won't be making it to the islands, the mainland beaches can work as a substitute. They lack the glamour of the offshore beaches, however -- most around here have yellow sand and cloudy water. Of the beaches in the area, the best is at Pakmeng, near the ... read more

  • Waterfalls
    3.5 stars

    Though most visiting tourists are headed offshore to the islands, Trang has a few diversions further inland. Chief among those are its waterfalls, a string of cascades set in emerald forest. There are more than ten waterfalls to the east of town, and most can easily be reached on a day hike. Note ... read more

  • Trang's botanical gardens and jungle canopy walkway
    3.5 stars

    Most travellers briefly pass through south Thailand’s Trang province en route to one of the Andaman Sea islands, perhaps grabbing a kopi or stopping by one of the area’s many waterfalls along the way. In search of something different, we recently gave the ... read more

  • Kopi tasting in Trang
    3.5 stars

    It’s true that most travellers only see the southwest Thai mainland through the windows of a minibus, en route to the Andaman Sea islands. If you’re into rich culture and a unique local food scene, however, you might consider spending a day or two in the ... read more

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