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  • World's largest mailbox
    2.5 stars

    Quite a strange location for the worlds largest mailbox, as it seems unlikely that the mailmen in Betong could ever get that busy. Nevertheless, the box is there and still functioning. Constructed in 1924, the mailbox has been heightened a few times and will no doubt continue to grow. Luckily a ... read more

  • Betong Hot Springs
    2 stars

    Best visited in conjunction with a trip to Piyamit Tunnels, these hot springs can hard-boil an egg in 7 minutes. The springs have been built into a pool structure with a walkway to the centre where some of the springs can be seen, though they have been covered with a wire contraption. Do NOT put ... read more

  • Piyamit Tunnels
    4 stars

    Excavated by Malay communists in 1976 to avoid bombardment, this network of tunnels stretches for over a kilometre and is in a lush jungle setting. While not a scratch on the Cu Chi and Vinh Moc tunnels in Vietnam, these are nevertheless still well worth visiting. Fairly recently problems of ... read more

  • Phramahathat Chedi
    3.5 stars

    This spectacular chedi sits atop a hill at the eastern edge of town. The chedi has an interior display on the first floor with renditions of many of the most famous chedis in Thailand, while the chedi itself is faced with four sparklingly gold Buddhas in four different poses. At the base of the ... read more

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