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  • Cong Vien Dong Xanh (Fossil Tree Water Park)
    2.5 stars

    About 10km outside of Pleiku is a small tourist attraction where some fossilised trees are on display, though they've been shipped in here from elsewhere and made into monuments. Diversions include water slides (only open on weekends) and something of a zoo that the kids might enjoy, along with two ... read more

  • Bien Ho Crater Lake
    3 stars

    If you've got time on your hands, about 6km north of Pleiku there's a lake that was formed by a volcanic crater. Head north on Pham Van Dong, and take a right at Ton Duc Thang -- the road to the lake is on the left and hard to miss since it's lined with trees and descends downwards into the crater. ... read more

  • Museums
    3 stars

    There are two museums in town: The Gia Lai and the Ho Chi Minh Museums. The museums are closed for a wide selection of holidays -- including Tet, which is when we were in town. ... read more

  • Tours
    3 stars

    The trickle of tourists that do come through Pleiku tend to do so as part of pre-arranged tours, mostly through Gia Lai Tourist in the Hung Vuong Hotel. Half-day tours of Banhar and Jarai Ethnic Minority villages are available, as well as a day-long city tour, and a day-long tribal village hiking ... read more

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