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  • Non Nuoc (China Beach)
    3 stars

    Made famous by the American war (and the TV show), China Beach (or Non Nuoc as it is known in Vietnam) first rose to fame when its close proximity to Da Nang led to it being used as an R&R destination for American soldiers. Though subsequent decades left it with a tranquil vibe of abandonment, ... read more

  • Cham Museum
    4 stars

    The Cham Museum is the main attraction of Da Nang and is worth the trip, even if you're coming all the way from Hoi An for it alone. This old sandstone building houses the world's largest collection of Cham art and sculpture, and was established in 1919 by the Ecole Francais d'Extreme-Orient ... read more

  • Marble Mountains
    4 stars

    The Marble Mountains have been extensively developed and promoted as a tourist attraction, but the haunting beauty of the spot makes it easy to forget you're part of a crowd. It's an essential stop if you're in the area. The mountains are comprised of five limestone outcrops in isolation from ... read more

  • The other Marble Mountains
    4 stars

    Marble Mountain has four little sisters, all within a five-minute walk and included in the 15,000 VND entrance fee, which offer some smaller but equally impressive caves and pagodas — without the crowds. ... read more

  • Da Nang's bridges
    3.5 stars

    Of all the architectural advancement of the city over the past decade, the people of Da Nang are most proud of their bridges – all nine of them to date. Pre-1997 there were only two bridges on the outskirts of the city, the first built during French rule and the second the 2013-renovated ... read more

  • Ho Chi Minh and the Fifth Military Zone Museum
    3.5 stars

    This is a sensible excursion for museum lovers curious about Vietnam's history, as told from the perspective of the current regime. Although not nearly as impressive as the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, if you're not heading further north it's worth taking a look at the small three-room display of ... read more

  • Da Nang Digested food tour
    4 stars

    It takes a good serving of local Da Nang knowledge to find the best places to pull up a street food stool, and if your plan is just to spend a day or two here, your best strategy is to sign up for a food tour. ... read more

  • Da Nang Cathedral
    3 stars

    The towering 70-metre, Gothic-styled cathedral was constructed by priest Louis Vallet in 1923 and was the only church built in Da Nang by French colonialists. Locals call it con ga (rooster church) due to the weathercock sitting on the top of its steeple. It's not a standout attraction, but as ... read more

  • Han Market
    3.5 stars

    Cho Han is located in the heart of Da Nang city and offers 28,000 square metres of noisy shopping opportunities. ... read more

  • Cao Dai Temple
    2.5 stars

    Located in a busy neighbourhood in central Da Nang, the local Cao Dai temple is worth a quick visit, though it's not nearly as spectacular as the temple at the sect's headquarters in Tay Ninh. It's simple from the outside, and an inattentive passerby could easily miss it. Try to take a peek ... read more

  • Surfing
    3.5 stars

    Though it hosted Vietnam's first surfing competition, the waves along Non Nuoc aren't great. You may get some decent catches near Hoa's Place or My An beach, where you can rent good quality long and short boards at Gunnar and Thom's (just back from the Indochine Da Nang hotel) from US$3-4 per ... read more

  • Daytrip: Son Tra Peninsula
    4.5 stars

    A great motorbike trek is available out of Da Nang that we highly recommend. It's about 40 km total that takes you across a road that crests 16km across the top of the Son Tra Mountains. Over the years the scenic Son Tra Peninsula has undergone many guises. So enraptured were the French during ... read more

  • Day trip: The Hai Van Pass
    4.5 stars

    As day trips go, winding your way up to the top of the Hai Van Pass astride a motorbike is one of the best things you'll do in Da Nang. To get there you need to drive around putrid-smelling Da Nang bay following Nguyen Tat Thanh Street all the way up, crossing the railway track and up into the ... read more

  • Daytrip: Ba Na Mountain
    4 stars

    Located about 45 kilometres west of Da Nang, Ba Na Mountain was used during the French colonial period as a summer retreat. In the old days, the French colonials used to be borne up the winding, 16-kilometre road to the top on palanquins. Nowadays, the road is well paved, but still very steep. ... read more

  • Daytrip: Suoi Mo
    3.5 stars

    At the base of Ba Na Mountain, about 30 kilometres west of Da Nang, Suoi Mo is another attraction worth a visit, typically in combination with a trek up the mountain. There's a well-marked road heading north; you'll be asked to pay 5,000 VND at the gate, and the spring is two kilometres further ... read more

  • Daytrip: Nam O Beach
    2.5 stars

    Nam O beach borders on the Bay of Da Nang, about 17 kilometres northwest of Da Nang city, north of the Son Tra peninsula -- you can get a good view of it from Monkey Mountain. At high tide it resembles most of the coastline that runs between Da Nang and Hoi An, but at low tide a large area of ... read more

  • Daytrip: Luong Duong springs
    3.5 stars

    One of the lesser known natural wonders around Da Nang and an easy road trip from Hoi An is Luong Duong Springs, also known as Turtle Springs, a jungle-clad, natural waterfall surrounded by emerald spring pools. ... read more

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