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  • Doing the DMZ from Hue
    3.5 stars

    The Vietnam War was one of the defining events of the second half or the twentieth century ... read more

  • The Citadel
    3 stars

    Like many of Hue's historic sites, the Citadel is hardly ancient -- construction first began in 1805, under the rule of Gia Long, the first of the Nguyen Dynasty rulers. Thereafter it functioned as the imperial seat of government. Over the years, new buildings were added, and the fortifications ... read more

  • Tombs around Hue
    3.5 stars

    Tombs and pagodas lie everywhere in and around Hue. Those with an endless appetite for culture could sate themselves every day for a solid week, with still more left on the table, but the majority of travellers are satisfied with just a taste. The tombs were built within the past 200 years, ... read more

  • Thien Mu Pagoda
    3.5 stars

    As with the tombs, there are more pagodas surrounding Hue than you can shake a stick at. If you're only going to see one pagoda, make it Thien Mu. It's situated in a beautiful spot over looking the Perfume River, on the river road that runs along the north bank, about 3.5 kilometres west of the ... read more

  • Thanh Toan (The Japanese Bridge)
    3 stars

    This is a small, covered, Japanese-style bridge about seven kilometres east of Hue. There isn't a whole lot to look at, but it's pretty, and there's a story behind it. Tran Thi Dao the childless wife of a high-ranking mandarin in Le Hien Tong's court had the bridge constructed to facilitate ... read more

  • Ho Quyen, Tiger Fighting Arena and Long Chau Temple
    4 stars

    This is probably the most interesting site in Hue, and it is all too often overlooked by visitors. Ho Quyen, Tiger Fighting Arena - One of the most interesting sights in Hue 8/10 3km out of Hue Blurb: Description: This is probably the most interesting site in Hue, and it is all too often ... read more

  • Elephant Springs
    4 stars

    The Elephant Springs, some 53 kilometres from Hue, is an excellent natural spring that is well worth a visit. Particularly on a hot day, the natural pool below a small waterfall makes for a very refreshing dip. You can sluice yourself down the smooth rocks at the base of the falls, and there are ... read more

  • My An Hot Springs
    3.5 stars

    On the way to Thuan An beach is a water park and resort that has been built around a natural cold spring -- the water park includes several hot springs, including a 'massage' pool with numerous shooting jets of water. It's a great place to take the kids, and the hot springs are quite popular during ... read more

  • The Brass Works
    3 stars

    This is a great stop along the way to or from Tu Duc Tomb. The outfit here makes massive brass statuary for buyers from all over the world. The smithing and forging are still done using very basic techniques, and the craftsmanship is impressive. Many guides will include this in a tour in the hope ... read more

  • Thuan An Beach
    3 stars

    About 14 kilometres from Hue is the nearest beach, Thuan An. Though it's one of Central Vietnam's most beautiful beaches, it's ridiculously undeveloped with just a scattering of shacks in various stages of decline. The recent addition of Beach Bar Hue may start to change the scene, as this shabby ... read more

  • Beyond Thuan An: The Road to Vinh Hien
    4.5 stars

    A great way to spend a day in Hue is to rent a motor bike, head to Thuan An beach, and when you're done, just keep going south. You can see on a map that Thuan An is an island at the top of a long, slender string of land, with the China Sea on one side, and the waterway feeding into the Cau Hai ... read more

  • Bach Ma National Park
    4 stars

    Bach Ma National Park is an old French Hill station stretching out over some 40,000 unspoilt hectares and offering great hiking trails, waterfalls, slightly odd and very basic lodgings, a camp site and plenty of wildlife (keep that tent zipped up). It’s home to one of the most stunning stretches ... read more

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