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Tam Dao Hill Station

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  • Hiking
    3.5 stars

    If you start back down on the road to Hanoi for about 10 minutes, you will come to a track meandering off to the right. This track winds a long way around the hill station, and with perseverance may completely circle the peak, though the track does get very poor. It seems to be mainly used for ... read more

  • Tam Dao Golf and Resort
    4 stars

    Lying on the road up the mountain to Tam Dao's peak this promises to be a spectacular course when finished. At present it has nine completed holes with nine more planned for completion before October 2006. A large building which will feature the club house, shops, restaurants and hotel also awaits ... read more

  • Tay Thien
    3 stars

    Another 10km from Tam Dao, Tay Thien offers another opportunity to take in some natural wonders. The Silver waterfall here is the local attraction amid flora and fauna. It could be taken in as a simple day trip from Tam Dao. ... read more

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