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Phu Quoc Island

Things to see and do


  • Beaches
    4.5 stars

    Phu Quoc is ringed by some great beaches. Here is the wrap on some of the better known and easier to reach ones. ... read more

Boat trips

  • Boat trips
    3.5 stars

    Several tour operators on Phu Quoc offer the chance to get off the island and into the sparkling turquoise water that surrounds it. The most popular option is a full day of either snorkelling or diving -- expect to pay around $17 for snorkelling, $30 and up for diving. Other tours will take ... read more

General activities

  • Phu Quoc's Tranh Stream
    3.5 stars

    The low season on Phu Quoc can mean rain, and lots of it. Sometimes it can rain for several days in a row, non-stop. The sea is rough, the winds are strong, and you may find yourself in your less than $20 a night bungalow more than you thought. ... read more

  • Phu Quoc general activities
    2.5 stars

    Aside from its beaches, Phu Quoc is known for a few other minor points of interest they may be worth peeling yourself off the beach for. There are fish sauce factories dotted through Duong Dong town, pepper farms in the centre of the island, and Suoi Tranh waterfall, located 10km southeast of ... read more


  • Phu Quoc night market
    3.5 stars

    Living the resort life on Phu Quoc can be rough. You have to hang out all day on the beach then reluctantly drag yourself somewhere for food; then it’s back to the beach. ... read more

Day trips

  • Ride around the island
    4 stars

    Phu Quoc is very well suited to motorcycle trips. Be warned that the roads are very infrequently shaded, so wear a hat and drink a lot of water to keep sunstroke at bay. Southern loop Head south from Duong Dong till you reach the junction with the road to Ham Ninh -- take the left turn and ride ... read more

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