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  • Ancient Citadel Gates, Xo Viet Museum, War Vestiges
    3 stars

    If you have nothing better to do in Vinh, a quick and easy cultural tour is available. Find Dao Tan Street, which is just north of the Saigon Kimlien Hotel and head east. Along the road on the right you'll find an American plane and a missile sitting in front of a government building. Along the ... read more

  • Central city park and amusement park
    3 stars

    It's hard to miss the monumental statue of Uncle Ho at the north east side of the park. It's surrounded by a promenade, and it makes a fine place for a stroll on a summer evening, when the statue is colourfully lit up. The south-western corner of the park is dedicated to an amusement park, with ... read more

  • Kim Lien
    3 stars

    Ho Chi Minh was born and raised in Kim Lien (Que Ngoai Bac Ho), a small hamlet 14 km to the northwest of Vinh, making it 'hallowed ground' for patriotic Vietnamese. You won't find much there but a few huts with thatched roofs -- there's a loom, a spinning wheel, the family kitchen, etc., all ... read more

  • Cuo Lo
    3 stars

    About 17 km northeast of Vinh you'll find the Vietnamese beach vacation spot of Cua Lo. There's some fine beach here, a bit reminiscent of the beaches around Da Nang, and of course, a long line of sea food restaurants to choose from. Unfortunately all the accommodation is on the inland side of the ... read more

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