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Dien Bien Phu

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  • Dien Bien Phu Museum
    3 stars

    This museum won't be the highlight of your visit, but it does offer an account of the battle from the perspective of the Vietnamese soldiers who faced down one of the largest forces then seen in South East Asia. Those on a group tour will probably be happy to have a guide around that speaks their ... read more

  • A1 hill and Cemetery
    3.5 stars

    A1 Hill, known as Elian II to the French, is the feature attraction. There were actually six fortified hills in the area, but all the others have been given over to agriculture and development, while this one has been preserved for posterity. It was the last hill taken by the Viet Minh, marking the ... read more

  • Muong Thang Bridge and the bunker of De Casties and Pirot
    2.5 stars

    There's no significant payoff in visiting any of these sites, but they're close together so easy enough to wander out to. The bridge has been preserved by barring vehicular traffic, but bikes and motorbikes can cross. Just before crossing the bridge, on the right, there is a stone plaque in front ... read more

  • Countryside around Dien Bien Phu
    3 stars

    To get up close and intimate with the stunning scenery and local life, it is possible to hire a motorbike and head out of town for a self-guided drive. Unfortunately, despite the rewards of the scenery and the friendly and inviting villages, without a map (which we couldn't find in town) or any ... read more

  • Monument
    3.5 stars

    At the junction of Thanh Binh and 7-5 Roads stands a large statue high up on a hill overlooking the town and an impressive concrete freeze lines a wall at the base. No information is available as to the precise nature of this new monument — although one can assume — but it's an ... read more

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