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  • Can Cau or Bac Ha market?
    3.5 stars

    That was the question we asked ourselves recently when in the enviable position of being able to choose while dallying in northwest Vietnam. If you too are able to juggle your schedule and be in the area on a Saturday (Can Cau) or Sunday (Bac Ha), which s ... read more

  • Bac Ha market, Lao Cai
    3.5 stars

    Bac Ha, in the northeast corner of Vietnam’s Lao Cai district, is home to one of the most lively ethnic minority markets in Vietnam. Every Sunday, from the early hours, the town comes to life as hundreds of Flower Hmong flood the small town. ... read more

  • The Flower H'mong
    4 stars

    Coming from countries where two women would usually be horrified to show up at the same party wearing the same dress, it's hard to imagine a society where every woman has agreed to dress almost exactly alike from as far back as anyone can remember. There's no disputing that the Flower H'mong ... read more

  • Markets
    4 stars

    Three main markets are interesting and easy to visit, with more for those looking to branch out. They all get going at about 08:00 and start packing up at noon. Can Cau Market This Saturday morning market, 19 kilometres north of Bac Ha town, is one of the most interesting and authentic, though ... read more

  • Tours and treks
    3.5 stars

    If you don't want to do an organised tour, an easy self-guided trip runs to the Flower H'mong village of Ban Pho, three kilometres outside of town. Walk past the Sao Mai hotel, follow the road round to the right and take the first left, by the hospital. The more popular trips available are listed ... read more

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