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Son La

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  • Son La prison
    4 stars

    While Hoa Lo in Hanoi offers a better view of prison life (because this one was shelled by the French and again by the Americans), this stop is highly recommended for those headed to Dien Bien Phu to see A1 Hill. The prison was built in 1908 by the French, and expanded in 1930 and 1940 to ... read more

  • Lookout Point
    3 stars

    There's a lookout point above the town, accessible via a set of stone steps — it's a stiff 20-minute hike to the top, but you'll get a good view of the surrounds. There are no services at the top, so bring your own water. You can access it by following the road to the right of the Trade Union ... read more

  • Hot Springs
    2 stars

    Hardly worth mentioning are the 'hot springs' 4km outside town to the west. Dozens of White Thai families have set up shop offering a bath in some geo-thermically extruded spring water for 10,000 VND / person per hour. Some of the tubs are sunken concrete affairs, big enough for two people. We ... read more

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