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Cam Ranh Bay

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  • Cam Ranh beaches
    4.5 stars

    Beach bums with an independent streak will love exploring Cam Ranh Bay’s mostly undeveloped beaches. There are a few small resorts you can pay to lie on their sunbed for the day, but Cam Ranh is for people who think plopping down on a stretch of wild, emp ... read more

  • Vinh Hy-Binh Tien Pass
    4.5 stars

    The Vinh Hy-Binh Tien pass easily ranks as one of Vietnam’s best scenic motorbike rides and it is probably the most unsung: Seventeen kilometres of freshly paved and virtually empty road winds its way along magnificent unspoiled coast. ... read more

  • Binh Hung Island
    4.5 stars

    Just off the coast south of Cam Ranh Bay is the tiny rocky island of Binh Hung. It flies under the radar, with scant travel information in English available online and few foreign visitors. As we anchored in a secluded cove on the eastern side of the isla ... read more

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