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Tuy Hoa

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  • Tuy Hoa Beach
    2.5 stars

    The beach directly in front of Tuy Hoa town is okay, but it has a problem. There is a massive sandbar extending about half a kilometre out into the sea. At high tide the water is about waste deep, and at low tide it might only be up to your ankles. The only way to go deeper is to slog through 500 ... read more

  • Nui Bao Thap (Precious Tower)
    3 stars

    This is a Cham tower on the top of a hill, called Nui Nhan (Swallow Mountain) in the centre of town. We could say, Yet another Cham Tower -- because we've seen every single Cham tower in the region, and we know some of you are in the same situation. This one was built in the 14th century by the ... read more

  • Da-Bia Mountain
    3 stars

    As you approach Tuy Hoa along Route 1A from the south, it's hard not to notice this very distinctive rock formation sitting on the summit of a high hill. The locals call it Nui Da-Bia, which means gravestone mountain. And, if you're a traveller worth your salt, you're probably thinking, Hey, how do ... read more

  • Vung Ro Bay
    3.5 stars

    Just two kilometres past Da-Bia heading south, there's a well-marked turn that leads to Vung Ro Bay. It's slated for resort development, but so far the funds for a forward push have remained illusive. There is an ambitious stretch of new road that has been built along the edge of the bay which ... read more

  • Chop Chai Mountain
    4 stars

    Another site you can't fail to miss if you're travelling to or through Tuy Hoa is Chop Chai Mountain. It's a lone, high hill to the north of town, visible from miles and miles away. There's a huge radio antenna at the top, and in fact, that's the only reason there's a road leading up there. It's ... read more

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