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What do Travelfish subscribers get?

The same as everyone else.


Subscribing to Travelfish is just an easy way for readers to make a small monthly donation that will keep the wheels turning here in Travelfish HQ. That's it.

Think of it as a sign of appreciation for doing what we're doing.

While we all know that size doesn't matter, in keeping with the "fish" in Travelfish, we set three levels of monthly subscription; Anchovy at A$1.99, Parrotfish at A$4.99 and Humphead wrasse at A$9.99.

Where will your subscription fee go?

As you may know, we work under a strict "no freebies" policy. Travelfish and Travelfish writers pay their own way, every time -- no exceptions. As such we thought it was only fair that 100% of your subscription fees will be paid to Travelfish correspondents as they continue to work to make this an even better site than it was yesterday. To give a rough idea of what cost an annual subscription at each of the levels would cover, please see below:

Anchovy (A$1.99 per month) : $23.88 per annum - a little over half the cost of a single wire story.
Parrotfish (A$4.99 per month) : $59.88 per annum - around half the cost a feature story
Humphead wrasse (A$9.99 per month) : $119.88 per annum - roughly the cost of a single day of research in Burma.

So rest assured your subscriptions won't be building us a beach house, rather they'll be helping us to continue to pay our writers to deliver travel intelligence on the region to you.

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