Photo: Riverside scenes, Kratie.


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The roads to Kratie from Stung Treng in the north and Kampong Cham are both paved and in pretty good condition. Because of the quality of roads through the region, boats no longer make the journey regularly, and you'd have to arrange a private (and very expensive) trip if you plan to travel from city-to-city via the Mekong in Cambodia's northeast.

Nowadays, buses, taxis and pickup trucks are the main form of transport, and below we've listed the bus prices from a few common destinations to Kratie. The bus stop is located in the centre of town, next to the river's main dock. Remember, everything's slightly cheaper in the rainy season, and taxis and pickup rides are negotiable, while bus trips are fixed price (though your guesthouse may add on a small surcharge if they arrange a ticket for you).

Leaving Kratie
Phnom Penh: departs at 07:15, 09:30, and 11:30, takes six to seven hours, and costs US$6.
Kompong Cham: Same as bus to Phnom Penh, costs $5.
Stung Treng: departs at 13:30, takes three hours and costs $6.
Banlung: Minibus departs early morning, takes three to four hours and costs $8.

Travelling to Kratie
Stung Treng: departs at 08:00, takes three hours and costs $6.
Phnom Penh: departs at 07:00, 07:15 and 08:00, taking six to seven hours, and costing $7.
Kompong Cham: jump on the bus from Phnom Penh, costs $5.
Siem Reap: leaves at 07:30, taking eight hours and costing $10.
Banlung: minibus departs 06:30, costs $8 and takes three to four hours.

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Getting around

Most guesthouses can arrange both bicycle ($1 per day) and motorcycle ($6 - $7 per day). The road surfaces are quite good in the intermediate surrounds and if you do hire a motorbike, it should come with a helmet.

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Where to next?

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