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Almost any bus headed to Siem Reap stops in Kompong Thom, so you're options for bus companies and times are virtually endless. GST and Sorya, companies with adjacent stations in Psar Thmei, have the most departure times, starting at 06:45 and stopping at 13:30. Unfortunately, at $5 they cost the same as the buses to Siem Reap, twice the distance. To return to Phnom Penh or head onward to Siem Reap, you can book through Arunras Restaurant next to the bus stop, though these prices are inflated as well—we were quoted $8 for a ticket to Phnom Penh. For a better price, you can also try to pick up one of the buses when they stop in town and negotiate directly with the driver, though English may not be spoken. We found the share taxis, located by the Tela station across from the bus stop and Arunras, to offer fair prices, and had our own seat to Phnom Penh for $5.

G.S.T. Express Bus Service 13 Street 142, Phnom Penh, T: (016) 444 453 (012) 466 612
Phnom Penh Sorya Transport Company Corner Street s217 and 67, Phnom Penh. T: (023) 210 359, (023) 210 859, (012) 631 545 F: (023) 992 569. www.ppsoryatransport.com

    Getting Around

    Most transport around Kompong Thom is by motodup. A herd of drivers hang out in front of Arunras and outside Kompong Thom market. Stung Sen Royal Garden Hotel has a clerk who speaks English well and can arrange transport by moto, tuk tuk, or taxi to Sambor Prei Kuk or Phnom Santuk, though for slightly higher prices ($12, $15, $30, respectively) than if you negotiate a ride directly with a driver.

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